RSU International Research Conference 2019

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Architectural Design Key Success Elements for Hostel Design

Thee Nabhindhakara


The Renowned Route of Heritage: from Bangkok to Hua Hin

Pumin Varavarn


The Customers' Attitude towards the Purchase of a New Car on an Online Site in Thailand

Patra Vititayanon and Rawin Vongurai


A Study of Vibrotactile Stimulator for Quadriceps Muscle: Analysis of EMG Reaction Signal

Thanate Angsuwatanakul, Saranchan Chairoek, Thanyaporn Charoenyingsataporn, Thavatchai Chantarat, Suejit Pechprasan , and Manas Sangworasil


Biophysical characterization of curcumin nanoparticles and its role in cervical cancer

Md. Asad. Khan and M. Moshahid A Rizvi


Meningitis-Associated Genes in Mycobacterium species

Saw S.H, Yap S. F., and Ngeow Y.F.


In vitro cytotoxic activity study of aqueous crude extracts of an anticancer Thai traditional preparation against COLO 205 cells

Nirawan Kitprapiumpon and Faongchat Jarintanan


Attitudes of Thai Dentists in Providing Implant Maintenance Care

Aimwalee Rudeejaraswan, Keskanya Sabbalekha, and Pagaporn Pisarnturakit


Prevalence and Pattern of Tooth Agenesis in Non-syndromic Thai Dental Patients

Charinya Kanchanasevee, Thanakorn Theerapanon, Narin Intarak, Pisha Pittayapat, and Thantrira Porntaveetus


Effect of Light Curing Time and Depth on Polymerization of Bulk-Fill Resin Composites

Ampaporn Nithipratheep, Ratcha Raksakmanut, Chutima Parkpinyo, Napassanan Karyadee, Phiangkaew Chanchaochai, Khunanon Sumphantapong, and Rosarin Chanpichai


The optical influence of resin cement shade and ceramic thickness on glass-ceramic systems

Prapatsorn Chongkavinit and Chuchai Anunmana


Effects of Visualized Tooth Display and Facial Width on Smile Attractiveness of Thai population

Apichart Veerawattanatigul, Pimprae Kasemphakdeephong, Thanapop Kunthawong, Nuttaya Numrakchat, Picharin Sirithianwanichkul, Anchisa Kasantikul, and Kwanchanok Eakphaphan


Repair Bond Strength of Aged Resin Composite Using Sliane-containing Universal Adhesive System

Pirat Karntiang, Nitchanan Soongswang, Natchanan Kunawattananon, Thanunkamon Satamanont, Warintorn Puangcharoen, Suchaya Pinyotanakhom, and Thanyaporn Niyomdee


The Crucial Factors of Cobalamin (Vitamin B12) Deficiency in Elderly

Tirasak Pasharawipas


Correlation between lumbar stability level and postural sway in patients with non-specific chronic low back pain: a pilot study

Apinkarn Jaroenlarp, Pitsinee Fuengjit, Jirapat Sukeeyuti, Parichart Sophap, and Chadarat Chirasaengthong


The Effect of Pelvic Tilt Exercise During Sitting on Inclined Board upon Trunk and Balance Control in Individuals with Chronic Stroke: a Pilot Study

Kalaya Kongwattanakul, Yodsawadee Chaopreecga, Aphisit phukphol, Mooleeyar Hayeemar, Bismee Tri, and NoormaNgorpulae


The Additive Antinociceptive Interactions between Celecoxib and Derris scandens in the Mice Visceral Pain Model

Tadsanee Punjanon and Pataweekorn Ketkomol


Is the Recovery Rate in Latent Tuberculosis Infection Significant in Reducing Tuberculosis Transmission in Indonesia? : A Mathematical Model Study in Epidemiology

Novi Reandy Sasmita, Alan Frederick Geater, Athassawat Kammanee, and Virasakdi Chongsuvivatwong


Generating a Point Mutation in NF-B Binding Site of the CD137 Promotor Region using Site-directed Mutagenesis

Janjuree Netsawang, Jiraporn Gatedee, Surapong Wangcharoensak, Teepakron Ontanalai, Pongsak Phiwkham, Supaporn Suksipark, Watit Tosing, and Peerakarn Butsayapanpong


"Electronic medicine box” solution for patients with chronic disease

Nguyen Hoai Nam and Nguyen Thai Ha


Design and Construction of Temperature Control Device for Neonatal Movement

Thanakorn yootho, Jaroonrat Prinyakupt, Nuntachai Thongpance, Natjika Kaewmadeengam, and Thidarat Klomklao


Widefield Microscope for Projection Maskless Micropattern in Photolithography Applications

Chayanisa Sukkasem, Suejit Pechprasarn, Suvicha Sasivimolkul, and Phitsini Suvarnaphaet


A Study of Vibrotactile Stimulator for Quadriceps Muscle: Analysis of EMG Reaction Signal

Thanate Angsuwatanakul, Saranchan Chairoek, Thanyaporn Charoenyingsataporn, Thavatchai Chantarat, Suejit Pechprasan, and Manas Sangworasil


The design of turbidimeter for Mg2P2O7 in LAMP product of Salmonella Typhi detection

Jaroonrut Prinyakupt, Thanakorn Yootho, Benjamaporn Boonrat, Siriwan Khunard, Nuntachai Thongpance, and Panan Kanchanaphum


Effect of Accessory Fiber Post on Fracture Resistance of Endodontically Treated, Non-ferruled Teeth

Puriwat Malakorn and Wacharasak Tumrasvin


Relationship between Alveolar Arch Form and Sagittal Root Angulation in Maxillary Esthetic Area: A Cone Beam Computed Tomography Study

Suweera Petaibunlue, Pravej Serichetaphongse, and Atiphan Pimkhaokham


Preliminary Surveillance of Pfkelch13 Mutations in Plasmodium falciparum Isolated from Southern Thailand

Thunchanok Khammanee, Nongyao Sawangjaroen, Hansuk Buncherd, and Supinya Thanapongpichat


Antimicrobial Resistance Profiles of Escherichia coli Isolated from Multiple Organs of Diseased Swine in Nakhon Pathom Province, Thailand

Darunee Satorn, Siriporn Kongsoi, Chalalai Rueanghiran, and Chonchanok Muangnapoh


Respiratory Muscle Strength Test in Petrol Station Workers in the Rangsit Municipality Area

Suwattana Tongear, Premwit Inthachit, Thanakorn Buriphakdi, Tidarat Sreeprang, and Pornnapat Kitapiban


Accuracy of Implant Placement using Static CAIS among Four Types of Bone at the Anterior Single Tooth Missing in vitro Study

Phloi Chaisuwannarak, Atiphan Pimkhaokham, Pravej Serichetapongse, and Wareerat Chengprapakorn


The Level of Interleukin-1 Beta in Peri-implant Crevicular Fluid around Titanium, Zirconium Oxide and Gold Alloy Implant Abutments: a Pilot Study

Prapaphan Jaikla, Pravej Serichetaphongse, Atiphan Pimkhaokham, and Wareeratn Chengprapakorn


Effects of 6-Month Water Storage on Microtensile Bond Strength of Universal Adhesives Applying in a Total-Etch Mode on Dentin

Suthatta Jeansuwannagorn and Sirivimol Srisawasdi


A Comparison of Dislodged Force of Sponge Head between Initially Thai Manufactured and Japan Manufactured Sponge Brush

Nawachat Meechumna, Orapin Komin, and Atipan Pimkhaokham


Microshear Bond Strength of Zirconia-Reinforced Lithium Silicate Ceramic Bonded to Dentin

Natthapong Itthipongsatorn and Sirivimol Srisawasdi


Effects of X-ray from Dental Radiographic Devices on Changes of Methylation Level in Human Thyroid Cells

Lalita Tangratchatakul, Pisha Pittayapat, Ruben Pauwels, and Philaiporn Vivatbutsiri


Comparison of Direct and Indirect Implant Accuracy Assessment Methods Using CodiagnostiX Software for Single Implant Placement an In Vitro Study

Pravej Serichetaphongse, Atiphan Pimkhaokham, Wareerat Chengprapakorn, and Natchaya Thitaphanich


Effect of dentinogenesis imperfecta and osteogensis imperfecta on the dental ultrastructures

Oadcharawadee Nutchoey, Narin Intarak, Sermporn Thaweesapphithak, Lawan Boonprakong, Anuchart Srijunbarl, and Thantrira Porntaveetus


Comparison of the Accuracy between Digital and Conventional Impression Techniques in Angulated Implants by 3D Super Imposition Soft-Ware

Arisa Hongsopa, Pravej Serichetapongse, Atiphan Pimkhaokham, and Wareerat Chengprapakorn


Isolation of Lactic Acid Bacteria from Fermented Food Products for Probiotic Properties and Their Antagonistic Effects on Gastrointestinal Bacterial Pathogens

Nattakan Dangmanee


Capsaicinoids Profile Identified in Screw Pressed Capsicum Oil Compared with Capsicum Oleoresin

Laksana Charoenchai, Tun Chusut, Thaniya Wunnakup, and Apirada Sukhonthapun


Fabrication of a porphyrin-modified reduced graphene oxide electrode

Permsak Chairat and Patchanita Thamyongkit


Solar Tracking by Vector Analysis for Controlling PV Panel Rotation

Apichai Sirikhunt and Somboon Sooksatra


Study of Flutter Behaviors of Plate-like Wings with Stiffeners

Nattawat Chantatul and Boonchai Watjatrakul


Heat Transfer Enhancement of a Heating Flat using Turbulent Spots by Variation of Injected Velocity

Sudarat Srichan, Wannarat Rakpakdee, and Weerachai Chaiworapuek


Effects of Design and Maintenance Requirements and Axle Loads to Flexible Pavement Lifetime Performance

Chanikarn Chan-in and Siradol Siridhara


Structure from Motion of an urban area on ground level perspective with an absent of control point

Tuntapat Sirikup, Nipon Jongpitaksyl, Parnuhmesr Sirinaranun, Thumanoon Susumpow, and Yoshihisa Maruyama


Effects of Pile Interaction on Pile Load Distribution and Force in Connection of Precast Bearing Wall Structure

Pyae Mon Naing and Pisit Kantiwattanakul


Track Work Construction Scheduling using Linear Scheduling Method

Thammasak Rujirayanyong and Paijit Pawan


Contingency Estimation based on Risk Events of Tunnel Construction: Case study Nam Thuen 1 Hydropower Project

Paijit Pawan and Thammasak Rujirayanyong


Thai Social Media Trend Analysis using Big Data Feature on Cloud Computing

Smith Simargool, Pasd Putthapipat, Wutthikorn Threevithayanon, and Sudhiporn Patumtaewapibal


Using Predictive Models to Predict Outpatient Volume in Thailand using R Programming

Karn Yongsiriwit


The impact of climate change policy by enhancing Aviation Emission on Data System in Thailand

Thossaporn Thossansin


3-SAT Problem for RNA Codon Search in QISKIT Framework

Ruchipas Bavontaweepanya


A Performance Study in NB-IoT networks through the IoT Platforms in Thailand

Suppachok Kiatikitikul and Annop Monsakul


Trading ThaiDEX SET High Dividend ETF (1DIV) with Slope Indicator

Weerawat Liemmanee, Hataichanok Wangvongcharoen, Oranush Poonyakanok, Nithipa Arjrith, and Wongsakorn Charoenpanitseri


Trading Thaidex SET50 Exchange Traded Fund (TDEX) with Gaussian Distribution

Nipaporn Panyayong, Nisakorn Julruksa, and Puangrat Chanthaweeroaj


Analysis of Influencing Factors for Trading Value in Telecommunication Company

Nithipa Arjrith and Pichit Boonkrong


The Effect of Natural Mordants on Color Shades of Indigo Dyed Fabric Changing

Sutavadee Wewa, Chuthamasth Sarobras, and Khwanchai Khucharoenphaisan


Dyeing and Water Repellent Finishing of Thai Rice Straw Blended Fabric for Home Textile Products

Srikanjana Jatuphatwarodom, Natawat Jatuphatwarodom, and Kornnut Susawat


Effect of Plant Compounds on in vitro Tyrosinase Activity and Cell Viability of B16F10 Melanoma Cells

Ponglada Sadangrit, Preecha Phuwapraisirisan, Songchan Puthong, Rico Ramadhan, and Chanpen Chanchao


The Study of Dynamic Properties and Interactions of the Complex of L76V Mutant and Wild-type HIV-1 Protease with Curcumin

Ornjira Aruksakunwong and Bussaya Punnapatsin


Impact of Design on Traveler Satisfaction of Small Hotels in Chiang Mai

Narupol Chaiyot


Developing a Kinetic Façade towards a Solar Control Façade Design Prototype

Walaiporn Nakapan and Apiwat Siripattanamongkol


A House Renovation for Cultural Tourism in Trok Baan Chin Community, Tak

Suwicha Benjaporn and Jutamaht Wongsuwanand


How to Collective Design-and-Fabricating a Weaving Structure Interaction Design-Six Experiments using a Design-Fabrication-Assembly (DFA) Approach

Tsai-Ling Hsieh and Teng-Wen Chang


Where Do The Japanese Kids Want to Live? Theoretical and Empirical Approach to Define Children's Favorite Built Environment

Paulina Neisch


The Study of the History and the Characteristic of the Glorious Wall Paintings of Bundi Chitrasala

Reetika Garg


The Sustainable Development of Banpupaksai Village, Petchaboon

Korapong Kannasoot


Airflow Patterns of Semi-open Shopping Malls in Bangkok

Songpol Atthakorn


The Perceived Aesthetic Experience in the context of Tactile Art among Visually Impaired Individuals in The Philippines

Dennis A. Martillano


ENO Method: A Method for an Innovation Creation in an Architectural Design Studio

Monchai Bunyavipakul


Value-based Building Renovation- A Tool for Holistic Assessment Case Study: Por Hotel

Witoon Tipanet


Remodeling old Structure to Boutique and Budget Hotel: Case Study: I River Chiang Mai Hotel, Thailand

Aviruth Charoensup


The Studies of Ton Klum’s Material Properties for Pathways in Mangrove Forest at Baan Klong Hia, Koh Yao Yai, Pang-Nga

Akkarawee Thiraphongsaphak, Decho Jantanaket, Kanyapat Nakapaiboon, Kornwipa Kittisakchareon, Nalinnipa Uttama, Pinwachee Kijvas, Takuret Put-hai, Thitaya Chutikanont, Wassana Shudechpunyadee, Yonlada Meepian, Anutorn Polphong, and Rapiphong Kullthamyothin


Production of Medium Chain Length Polyhydroxyalkanoates by Pseudomonas putida ATCC47054 Using Glycerol and Sodium Octanoate as Substrates

Wimol Chobchuenchom and Nuttapol Tanadchangsaeng


Recombinant Protein Production of Von Willebrand Factor Type D Domain of Fenneropenaeus Merguiensis Vitellogenin

Prapaporn Utarabhand, Ratiporn Thongsoi, Xiao-Qiang Yu, Phanthipha Runsaeng, and Prapaporn Utarabhand


Identifying Sensory Consumer Perceptions of Cooked Thai Jasmine Rice from Each Northeastern Provinces, Thailand

Kritsda Khajarern


Antifungal and antioxidant activities of the extract of Stephania pierrei tubers

Sirilak Kamonwannasit, Quanjai Rupitak, and Agarat Kamcharoen


Factors Affecting Perception of English Comprehension of Students in Xiasha, Hangzhou, China

Chengxiao Shen


A Proposed Strategic Information System Plan as Basis For Policy Formulation for Public Secondary Schools

Cristina B. Rogelio and Dr. Ellenita E. Red


Investigate English listening problems of first year students Aviation Personnel Development Institute

Suwimon Maliwan


The Relationship between the Teachers’ Transformational Leadership as Perceived by Students and the Students’ Engagement in Alternative Schools, Bangkok Metropolis

Kittiphan Lappayanant and Patreeya Kitcharoen


The Three-Tier Diagnostic Instrument: Using Rasch Analysis to Develop and Assess K-10 Students’ Alternative Conceptions on Force Concept

Nuzulira Janeusse Fratiwi, Taufik R. Ramalis, and Achmad Samsudin


K-10 Students’ Conceptual Understanding of Linear Motion Concept: A Case Study

ILMA HUSNAH, Muslim, and Achmad Samsudin


Exploring K-11 Students’ Conception Using A Four-Tier Diagnostic Test on Static Fluid: A Case Study

Nurdini, Taufik Ramlan Ramalis, and Achmad Samsudin


A Study of Factors Motivating Vietnamese High school Students to Read Harry Potter

Nguyen L. N. Anh, Thai C. Dan, Nguyen S. Tuyen, Nguyen L. T. Kha, Le T. T. Tran, Le M. Hieu, and Nguyen T. T. Ai


The Study of EFL Students’ Participation into Evaluation and Use of the Course book for the General English Course: A Case at a Vietnamese University

Duong T. Bao, Thai C. Dan, Dao M. Trung, Phan T. M. Tham, Nguyen T. T. Ai, Cao M. Ky, and Nguyen T. M. Tuyen


EFL Student-Teachers’ Perceptions and Practices of Intercultural Communication Competence in High school English Language Teaching: A Case in a university in Vietnam

Thieu Q. Minh, Thai C. Dan, Thai P. B. Han, Ho T. T. Hang, Pham H. Yen, Phu T. H.Chau, and Nguyen V. Tai


The Effect of Peer-Mediated Dynamic Assessment and Self-Regulatory Strategy on the Development of Thai Students’ English Listening Comprehension Ability

Parinun Permpoonsap and Rosukhun Swatevacharkul


Exploratory Factor Analyses of Caring Behaviors among Nursing Students’ in Boromarajonani Colleges of Nursing under the Jurisdiction of PraboromarajchanokInstitu

Thassanee Thipsungnoen


Effects of Self-Regulated Learning Strategy Training in an Online Learning Environment on University Students’ Learning Achievement and Their Reported Use of Strategies

Kretsai Woottipong


Comparing Traditional and Blended Learning Methods for Teaching Chinese Vocabulary to Primary 2 Thai Students

Guohui Zhang


Predictor of Parents’ Satisfaction towards Chinese Language Teaching: A Case Study of Banrakpasa Language School in Thailand

Jingjing Huang


Promotion of Chinese Students from People’s Republic of China to Enroll at Suan Dusit Rajabhat University

Kant Kovitsomboon, Yenchai Laohavanich, and Bubpha Yoosup


Positive Correlation Between the Completion of Physical Exercise Plan and Student’s Academic Performance

Xingya Feng and Yunlin Yang


Quality Management for Instructor in Higher Education: Raising Ethics and Morals of Undergraduate Students in a Private University

Chatchaya Perathoranich and Pimurai Limpapath


Qualified Teachers in the Perception of Primary Teachers of a Private School in Lopburi

Anchalee Chayanuvat and Chatrawee Limsakul


How to Help Students Learn with Happiness

Anchalee Chayanuvat, Wei Han, and Sun Xuexia


The Use of Facebook Supplemented Face-to-Face Instruction to Enhance English Grammar and Reading Comprehension Performance and Attitudes of Low-Intermediate EFL Students

Kretsai Woottipong


Students’ Knowledge and Attitudes towards HIV and AIDS: An Analysis on their Values System

Franco A. Quodala and Rowena G. Dela Cruz


Effects of the Starbucks Products Brand Image on the Consumer Perception in XXI Empire Cinema

Dian Annisa and Ida Nuraini Dewi Kodrat Ningsih


Exploring the Dynamics of Contexts in the Industrial Canteen Concession Industry in Laguna, Philippines

Philip Manuel T. Padayao


An Acceptance of The Financial Instruments Trading by Artificial Intelligence: AI

Jarturon Atcharanuwat and Tanpat Kraiwanit


An Involvement of Community Radio in Strengthen Local Community: A Case Study of Hua-Hin and Cha-am Community Radio Stations

Bampen Maitreesophon, Thanasin Janthadech, and Nitinan Upprarakorn


The Use of Communication Strategies and Digital Media as Tools to Promote Agro Tourism Managed by Community Enterprises in Phetchaburi Province

Bampen​ Maitreesophon


Analysis of Risk and Return of ICT Stocks Traded on Security Exchange of Thailand

Wongsagarn Kongrit and Wanakiti Wana


The Survey on Airline Business Students in English-Thai Code-Switching: Technical Terms and Non-Technical Terms using in classroom context

Vongsa Laovoravit and Kanitha Kaewpoungngam


Thai Passengers' Satisfaction on Self-Service Technology Adoption at the Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand

Phutthachon Anurak, Ananchanok Prongfa, Chayaphon Jaihaw, and Naruebet Chanthasom


The Components Affecting Thai Cabin Crew Work in the Middle East Airlines

Sasithorn Nuammaneerat, Apirada Namsang, and Waraporn Temkaew


The Competency of the undergraduates in Air Cargo Management Program of Civil Aviation Training Center as perceived by a business organization

Jane NORTHAW, Pariyaporn Tungkunanan, and Wattana Manon


The Error Prevention in Filling Exported Documents in Air Cargo Operation

Boonyawat Aksornkitti and Watsamon Santisiri


3D-Printed Airfoil Wind Tunnel Aerodynamic Testing and Simulation

Rapee Ujjin, Choosak Ngaongam, Sudarat Chaikaindee, and Pornthep Boonyanetra


The Study of Demand Forecasting by Using Simple Exponential Smoothing and Simple Moving Average Methodologies with ABC Classification for Aircraft Spare Part; Case Study ABC Airline

Phanrajit Havarangsi and Noppadol Suwannasap


Personal Factors Affecting to Financial Planning of Thai People

Mukda Kowhakul


The Effect of the Educational Environment and Commitment on Private University Students in Pathum Thani Province

Apiramon Ourairat and Chalermporn Yenyuak


Working Capital Management and Firm’s Profitability: A Study of Selected Blue-chip Companies in China

Vasu Keerativutisest and Kristian Luciani


Factors Affecting Online Shopping Behavior: A Case Study of Young Adult Consumers in Rangsit University

Nijchaya Phanrat, Amporn Puapradit, and Phunpiti Bhovichitra


The Korean Wave in Thailand: The Influence of South Korea’s Entertainment Culture on Thai Students’ TV and Film Consumption Behavior

Tanik Prasopsorn and Nuananong Panmanee


The Curriculum Evaluation from Multi-stakeholder Perspectives: the Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing, Rangsit University

Natetip Surasirikul , and Krit Witthawassamrankul2


The influence capability of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) commerce toward consumers’ satisfaction

Pornmalai Thapsuntron, Kulabutr Komenkul, and Phunpiti Bhovichitra


The Effect of Playing Online Video Games on University Students

Jay Chunsuparerk, Kanpoj Muangnoycharoen, and Yulin Yang


Experimental Research on Changes in Disclosure and Assurance Strategies of Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting in Vietnam

Nguyen Thi Hong Thuy and To Lan Phuong


The Stimulus of Globalization on Quality of Governance: Evidence from ASEAN Countries

Darusalam Darusalam, Normah Omar, Jamaliah Said, Kazi Sohag, and Marijn Janssen


Integrity Climate of the Malaysian Public Sector

Afzal I. Zahari, Jamaliah Said, and Roshayani Arshad


The Dilemma of Morality in Financial Accounting

Pandate Romsaitong, Tatinat Santisamt, and Ugyen Yashi Dorji


Investigating the Effects Amongst Quality Dimensions in Higher Education

JongShan Fan and Kriengsin Prasongsukarn


The Innovative Professional Accounting Camp

Piyachat Thongpaeng


Key Audit Matters in Auditor’s Report as Moderate Effect on Stock Price

Wonlop Buachoom, Sirikarn Sengwan, Supranee Sugaraserani, and Sasithorn Pangsirikul


Managerial Efficiency, Innovation and Firm Value of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Indonesia

Diyah Sukanti Cahyaningsih and Grahita Chandrarin


The Value Relevance of Financial Performance on Stock Price of Thai Listed Company: Evidence from High Dividend Group

Yodsawinkarn Kobkanjanapeud and Ittidej Seangpuang


The Impact of Firm factors on Management Accounting Practices in The Context of Large Manufacturing Firms in Thailand

Angsana Sriprasert, Nimnual Viesdsun, and Udon Tonthiprapakan


Applications of Big data in Vietnamese Banks

Hang D. Thu and Nga N. T. Thanh


Management Accounting Practices in Vietnamese Services Enterprises: The Current Evolutionary Stages

Nguyen Thi Phuong Dung and Nguyen Thi Hai Ha


Les difficultés de l’utilisation des pronoms compléments d’objet indirect lui et leur chez les étudiants de français en troisième année de l’Université Burapha

Sakson Promkesa and Alexandre Jean Guy Swietlik


Rationalisme et sentimentalisme

Jeerapong Chalorm and Barthelemy Ramona


Target Language Adaptation in Thai Dish Name Translation

Pawarisorn Somsin


A Move Analysis of Chemistry Research Abstracts Published in the International Conference Proceedings

Witsanuphong Suksakhon


A Study of English Loanwords Used in Beauty Product Advertisements

Ratima Tadee and Vorapon Mahakaew


Climate Change and Tourism Sector in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam: A Critical Review

Van Da Huynh


The Opportunities for the Tourism Industry Enhanced by Social Media: Cultural and Heritage Tourism Products in Thailand

Witsathit Somrak


Ways to Promote Tourism in Muang District, Chachoengsao Province to Serve Tourists’ Demand

Noppadol Dharawanij


An Approach of the Development of Sustainable Creative Tourism in Santor Community

Pornpimol Chutisilp, Sutinee Threeranoot, and Nuchanart Cholkongka


Traveling Behaviors of International Cruise Passengers in Thailand

Nakarin Thangthong, Kewalee Inmoonnoi, and Chariti Khuanmuang


Language Shift and Maintenance among the Telugu Community in Klang Valley, Malaysia

Kathreine Deva Babu


Thai Ethnic Chinese People’s Attitudes toward Mandarin Chinese: A Pilot Study

Wenwen Tian


Linguistic Landscape on Campus: A Case Study of a Thai University

Maneerat Chuaychoowong


Teaching Interpersonal Communication to Digital Natives

Myla Medrano Loreto


English Speaking Anxiety Among Undergraduate Students at Rangsit University

Kanokwan Pornthanomwong, Nakonthep Tipyasuprat, and Narissa Kanokwattanameta


An Analysis of Grammatical Errors in English Essays Written by the Undergraduate Students at Rangsit University

Nattapon Kuptanaroaj


A Study of Factors Affecting Writing Skills of Undergraduate Students in ENL 113 Class at Rangsit University

Vorapon Mahakaew and Kavisara Polpo


Discourse Functions of Marked Theme and the Narrative Nature of Chinese EFL Learners’ Argumentative Writing

Jiehua Lin


Overview of Modern Liberalism Theories about the Impact of Economic Reform Vietnam

Pratiwi Mulido


The Characteristic of a Criminal’s Face from Sexual Cases from Sketches

Jomdet Trimek and Tipanan Siriwato


Independence of Supreme Audit Institutions: Classic Challenges of Government Auditing

Prasit Aekaputra, Rasada Aekaputra, Salila Klanreaungsaeng, and Nhonlaphat Pitpiboonpreeya


Infographic Communication among the Nurturing Volunteer Spirit Workshop for the Campaign on Adolescent Love and Safe Sex in School-age Students

Anick Thavichachart


The Problems of Cross-border logistics between Thailand – Malaysia in Sadao Border post

Hasamon Pengman


Legal Issues on Tax and the Right of Use of Medicine

Salila Klanreaungseang


Impact of Immigration Laws on Industry Employment: An Analysis of Aliens in the US Workforce

Jay Chunsuparerk, Ellora Bultema, and Drew Westberg


Challenges in providing adequate mental health services to the refugee community in Bangkok: Identifying the real refugee needs when assessing to care providers

Teresa Soares


Current Situation and Challenges of Indian Solar Energy Development

Zhao Yuechen


The Study of Cosmetic Surgery Addiction Behavior of Female College Students towards the Social Media Application Instagram

Chayuth Vichitwongkun and Duangtip Chareonrook


Contesting the Cyberspace in China: A Literature Review of Internet Governance

Fabio Calzolari


Innovative Multiplatform Media for Digital Citizenship Promotion among Thai Digital Natives

Chawaporn Dhamanitayakul


Symbolic Consumption on Brand Attitude: Variance Between Thai Students and International Students

Puntharik Taychachaiwong and Kriengsin Prasongsukarn


The Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy and Its Influence on the Development of Hospitality Industry in Thailand

Pipatpong Fakfare and Metha Dechthaisong


Effects of Work-Life Quality as a Mediated Factor between Transformational Leadership and Organizational Citizenship Behavior of Employees in a Financial Bank in Thonburi Branch

Pharin Thanonthaweekul, Jiriya Jaikra, and Thanyanan Boonyoo


The Future of Thailand to Counter Piracy and Armed Robbery in Malacca Straits

Chomporn Thiamchai and Witchayanee Ocha


An ASEAN Maritime Security Cooperation: Assessing the Potential of a Southeast Asian Regional Maritime Security Cooperation Versus the Status Quo

Lewis A. Pyrtle and Darmp Sukontasap


The Smuggling of Cambodian Migrant Workers to Thailand: “The Case Studies of Poipet City and Sa Kaeo Province”

Sovanna Marilyn and Witchayanee Ocha


The Role of International Community in Tackling the Issue of Child Soldiers in Myanmar

Lieutenant Kanokdarin Techaraweesulpetch and Witchayanee Ocha


The Brexit had an influence on the RMB, which participated in the depth of the Unit Kingdom financial market

Fudong Luo and Fengkun Wang


Ping An Hui Pu Performance Appraisal System Research, China

Zhang Qi and Jiang Haiyue


Research on the Influence of Logistics Service Quality of Cross-border E-commerce Platform on Customer Loyalty

LinShen Du


Research on Sino-Vietnamese trade cooperation under the framework of interdependence theory

Le Thi Ngoc Anh


Application Research of Mobile Payment In Thai Business Field

Yaning Xue


The Study of Experiential Marketing in Chinese Tea E-Commerce - The Case of GuangXi Yihealth Tea Company

Mo Peiyu


“Belt One Road” China’s Cooperation with Central Asian Countries in The Energy Sphere

Makhmadnazar Firdavsi


Determinants of B2B Adoption Intention: The Context of MRO Procurement Value for High-tech Industry in Thailand

Tzu-Chi Huang


The New Trend of Culture in the New Era: Interaction and Transformation between Western “Individualism” and Eastern “Collectivism”

Pornpawis Lhapeerakul


A brief analysis of the creative features of the national cultural identification of Sino-Thai Writers' Association in the Pobishe waizhuan

Chonlaphat Temsongsai


An Application of Business Model Canvas for online Chinese Language Institutes in Thailand

Setthi-orn Ruenroeng


A Study on the Acquisition of Chinese Existential Sentences in Thai Students --Take Rangsit University Students as an Example

Kanjanita Suchao-in and Cao Siyuan


Discussing Current Situation of the Development of Chinese Major in Vietnamese Universities in the Context of “One belt, One Road”

Vu Thanh Huong and Chu Ngoc Anh


A Study on Development of Thai Young Chinese Chamber of Commerce

Songluo Wu


Democracy Wisdom in Ancient China, Remonstating with the Emperor

Qinggong Zeng


The abuse of big data and the economic risks it may cause

Fengkun Wang and Fudong Luo


The Design of Intercultural Communication Course of Chinese teaching in Thailand

Natchaporn Dechrach


Research on Brand Symbol in the Marketing Process of Furniture Enterprises

Zhimin Bi


The Study of Satisfaction toward Chinese Course -The Case of Wat Aiyikaram School of Thailand

Huang Xinxin


Research on Chinese Education in Universities in Hanoi, Vietnam in the Background of “Belt and Road”

Ha Trinh Le


Lipidomic Analysis of Plasma Sphingolipids in an East Asian Population Identifies Novel Associations with Obesity- and Diabetes-Related Characteristics.

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Nanomedicine- Are There Safety Concerns?

Boon Huat Bay and Cheng Teng Ng


Chondroitin Sulfate Proteoglycans in Cancer: Expression and Functional Studies

George W. Yip


The Changing Scenario of Geriatric Orthopedics Is Wholistic Orthopedics the Answer?

John Ebnezar, Yogita Bali, and Rakesh John


Changes in Brain Iron and Iron Handling Proteins after Excitotoxicity

Wei-Yi Ong


Role of RNA Editing of Cav1.3 Channels in Learning and Memory

Tuck Wah Soong


The Role of PIWI and piRNAs in Modulating Microglial Activation

Hu Qidong


Skin Samples Preparation Using 3D Bioprinting Technology

Surasak Kasetsirikul, Dettachai Ketpun, Yannapol Sriphutkiat, Teresa Dicolandrea, and Yufeng Zhou


Development and Application of Oxidatively Degradable Polymers

Nobuhiro Kihara


Perspectives on Railway Condition Monitoring.

Hitoshi Tsunashima


Advance of Safety in Japanese Railway Systems; Condition Monitoring System for Running Safety.

Akira Matsumoto


Automated Train Operation in Japan and Corresponding to Information Technologies.

Takeshi Mizuma and Toshihiro Takeuchi


Application of Aerodynamics in Civil Engineering

Wang Hanfeng


Towards Friendly AI: Designing Human-(Socially) Aware Systems

Azizi Ab Aziz


Design And Development Of A Digital Game-Based Learning System Using Input-Process-Output Game Theory And Data Mining Techniques

Ellenita R. Red


Literacy for creative, innovative and critical futures: Promises and challenges of the moment

Pauline T. Jones


Transformation towards digital economy

Muhammad Mahboob Ali


Building Sustainable Economy in the 21st Century

Bryan Tan


Catch the FASHION if you can: Big Data, fashion industry, and sustainability

Charika Channuntapipat


An Exploration of Accounting and Planning Tools in Chinese and Small Enterprises

Robert C. Rickards


The Changing Roles of Management Accounting Practices in the Digital Era

Normah Omar


In-Service English Teacher Professional Development Lessons from an ASEAN Nation Context

Trinh Quoc Lap


Globalization and culture in South East Asia: Demise or diversification?

AKM Ahsan Ullah


Some Problems on Modernization of Japan after Meiji Reformation Especially Concerning her Relations with Asian Countries

Akihiro Matoba


Interdisciplinary Modular education to create sustainable international collaboration in HE

Maurice Cuypers


How the Brand Loyalty Can Build for Fan Page of Facebook?

Shu-Chen Yang and Guan Lin Chen


Neighborhood Built Environment Characteristics Associated with Physical Activity in Cardio-metabolic Disease Patient in Delhi, India

Mohammad Tayyab, Safraj Shahul Hameed, Atiqur Rahman, Dorairaj Prabhakaran, and


Glycoproteomics Analysis of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Yin-Ling Wong, Zainal Ariff Abdul Rahman, Yeng Chen, and


State of Art for Helminthiasis in Northern Thailand

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Effect of Nano-ZrO2 addition on the Synthesis, Crystallization, Mechanical and Biological Properties of bioactive glass ceramics

Tamal Kanti Ghosh, Sudip Kumar Das, and


Adsorptive Removal of Crystal Violet (aq) Using Untreated and Acid Treated Eucalyptus Leaves

Koushik Ghosh, Asit Baran Biswas, Sudip Kumar Das, and


Hydrodynamic Characteristics in a Binary Solid-Liquid Fluidization System

Sudipta Let, Sourav Habib Halder, Ranjan Kumar Basu, Sudip Kumar Das, and


Surfactant Aided Synthesis of Precipitated Calcium Carbonate Nano-particles from Chicken Egg Shell by Co-precipitation Method

Sujan Kumar Chakrabarti, Sudip Kumar Das, and


Synthesis and Analysis of Bioactive Glass Ceramic of Varying Lithium Content

Somnath Biswas, Sujan Kumar Chakrabarti, Gourab Dutta Mustafi, Sudip Kumar Das, and


Synthesis and Characterisation of Machineable Bio-Active Glass Ceramics in the SiO2-Na2O-CaO-P2O5-MgO System

Gourab D. Mustafi, Tamal K. Ghosh, Sudip K. Das, and


How Are Thai University Students Gaining Experience and Opportunity from Their Online Businesses

Chon NeVille, Kawinnad Kaikaew, and Nuttawadee Theekwang


Landscape Quality Analysis in Delhi Using Geospatial Technique

Shahfahad, Atiqur Rahman, Mohammad Firoz Khan, and


Prediction of Two-phase Pressure Drop for Air-water Flow through U-bends using the Artificial Neural Network (ANN)

Sudip K. Das and


Briefing of the Current Architecture and Urban Aspect in Macau

Kuoch Meng Mony, Hai Vanchai, and


Morpheus Hotel in Macau, the “World’s First Free-Form High-rise Exoskeleton” by Zaha Hadid Architects

Kaung Sithu, Lee Hong, Ly Phanith, and


Expression of osa-miR7695 Against Blast Fungus Magnaporthe oryzae in Vietnamese Rice Cultivars

Nguyen Bao Quoc, Nguyen Doan Nguyen Phuong, Ho Thi Thu Trang, Nguyen Bang Phi, Nguyen Ngoc Bao Chau, and


Investigation on Genetic Estimates and Diversity in Aromatic Rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Rumana Akhtar, Adil Iqbal, Tapash Dasgupta, and


Life Skills Comparison of Sports Students Based On Gender and Domicile: An Analysis

Anira, Nur Indri Rahayu, Amung Ma’mun, and Syarifatunnisa


Thai Student Perceptions of Working or Studying in America?

Chon NeVille, Nutsuda Sonsing, and Nitchanan Chotirat


Comparative Study of Folklores in Asian Countries Talked in the Context of Lessons on Water Hazards

Junko Nagahara and


Learner-learner Interactive Distance Education through a TV Conference System: Attempt to Connect Two Classrooms of Different Universities

Manami Fujihira and


Exploring the Effectiveness of FIT Malaysia Campaign on Social Media from the Perspective of the Policy Makers

Suffian Hadi Ayub, Azizul Halim Yahya, Mohammed Rezal Hamzah, Massila Hamzah, and


Children’s Literature and Education according to Iwaya Sazanami (1870-1933): Building a Bridge between Edo Tradition and Meiji Modernity

Lisa Beké, Hitoshi Kato, and


Seismic Hazard and Micro-Risk Zonation in NCT of Delhi

Susmita Sarkar, Shahnaz Parveen, and


A Comparative Study of Life Skills in Sports and non-sports Student Based on Socio-economic Background

Syarifatunnisa, Amung Ma'mun, Nur Indri Rahayu, Anira, and


The Changing Scenario of Geriatric Orthopedics- Is Wholistic Orthopedics the Answer?

John Ebnezar, Yogita Bali , and Rakesh John


Interrelationship between Intellectual Property Rights and Economy and growing impact of Asian Countries globally in Intellectual Property Rights

Avi Garg


Research on the Relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and Consumers’ Purchase Intention: Taking Brand Relationship Quality as Mediator

Longyue Mei