RSU International Research Conference 2023 on Social Science and Humanities, Education, and Management

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Developing Students’ Core Competency Through Design Thinking Pedagogy: A Case Study of ASEAN And Cross-Cultural Course for Chinese Students at A Thai University

Xiongling Chen, Xinrui Wang, Ruina Ding, Paocheng Chen, and Jiewei Luo

1 - 11

Designed Tasks Participation and The Linguistic Performance of Students Toward the Development of An Interactive Learning Portal

Merly Cabucos Barcelo and Rowena Dela Cruz

12 - 24

The Microfluidic System for Studying the Mixing of Pigment Color by Using a Smartphone

Hataiwat Palasak, Chaninun Pruekpramool, and Puenisara Limnonthakul

25 - 32

Investigating Teaching Practices for Facilitating Whole Class and Small Group Discussion in Middle School Mathematics Classrooms

Sukanya Suksak

33 - 43

Attitudes Towards Instructive Language in Chinese Classes at A Public School in Pathum Thani

Die Li and Supinda Lertlit

44 - 53

Views of Thai University Students on Effective Teachers of English: Local or Foreign?

Supinda Lertlit and Jamie Wallin

54 - 61

Study of Blended Learning on iPad at Rangsit University

Paweena Sujaritthanarak

62 - 73

The Value of Problem-Based Learning in English Language Teaching and Learning: A Personal Reflection

Anchalee Chayanuvat

74 - 86

A Study of Figurative Language in Love Songs

Jariya Nanwong, Nisarat Ketkaew, and Abhinan Wongkittiporn

87 - 95

Semantic Interpretations of Epistemic Modality Markers in Antibiotic Drug Labels

Abhinan Wongkittiporn

96 - 105

An Analysis of Illocutionary Act in Tourism Slogan

Pauline Ganmanee, Abhinan Wongkittiporn, and Catherine Laddawan

106 - 114

Thai EFL Learners’ Attitude Toward Learning English by Watching Movies

Sasithorn Kunted, Rebecca Webb, and Eoin O'Brien

115 - 120

A Multimodal Discourse Analysis of Housing Website Banners

Witsanuphong Suksakhon

121 - 130

English Code-Mixing in The Thai TV Series “Suptar 2550”

Jirayut Thangjit and Sirimon Srinoparut

131 - 139

A Study of Thai EFL Learners’ Perceptions Towards the Educational Use of The Metaverse

Vorapon Mahakaew

140 - 145

Multiple Facets of Padlet in The Active Language Classroom

Donthira Kongrak

146 - 161

Household Characteristics of Indebted Households with Members Working in The Public and Private Sector

Kawita Niwatananun and

162 - 172

Insights Into Millennial Employee-Manager Relationships in Thailand: A Comparative Case Study

Pacharapong Kumjumpa

173 - 181

Thai Civil-Military Relations From 2001 – 2022

Wanwichit Boonprong

182 - 187

Unequal Development Affecting the Urban Poor: Case Study of Bunromsai Community, Soi Phetchburi V.

Pattaramon Suwapan

188 - 191

Children’s Right and Thai Family Law

Vicha Mahakun

192 - 195

Unintentional Cyberbullying in The Context of Thailand

Krisda Saengcharoensap

196 - 201

The Legal Problems of Deleting Prisoner Records from The Prison System After Release

Nidawan Pawcsuntorn

202 - 208

Enhancing Knowledge and Understanding of The Justice System of People in Society Through Soft Power in The Thai Entertainment Industry

Ratsami Sukraksa

209 - 213

Improving The Environmental Law Enforcement Coordination: Case Study on Environmental Investigation

Salila Klanreaungseang and Suteeraporn Saengchansri

214 - 219

The Impact of COVID-19 On Migrant Workers in Thailand: The Case Study of Cambodian Migrant Workers Under MOU.

Sirima Mahavatsart and Sasiphattra Siriwato

220 - 235

Examining Relationship Between China and Myanmar After The 2021 Military Coup

Saung Yanant Pyae Kyaw and Sasiphattra Siriwato

236 - 246

Analyzing The Importance and Impacts of Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) In the Peacebuilding of Myanmar

Naw Cherry Oo, Sasiphattra Siriwato, Jiraroj Mamadkul, Sompong Sanguanbun, and Pitchayaphant Charnbhumidol

247 - 261

ASEAN Integration and The Role of Thai Universities in Enhancing Cross-Cultural Competence Through International Inter-University Activities in Thailand: The Case Studies of Thai Students at Naresuan University and Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand

Supaporn Chuangchid and Sasiphattra Siriwato

262 - 274

A Study of The Transformational Leadership Effect on Employee Work Engagement, Mediating Effect of Followership


275 - 280

The Influence of Workplace Exclusion on Employees’ Knowledge Hiding – Organizational Atmosphere as The Intermediary Variable

HongChun Du

281 - 289

E-Commerce Development on Enterprise Management Strategies: A Case Study of COFCO Thailand Branch

Jiasi Zhang

290 - 297

A Study of Social Media Marketing Strategy of Macau Tourism Based On 4I Theory


298 - 306

The Influence of Perceived Corporate Social Responsibility on Employee Performance: The Mediating Role of Organizational Identity and Job Engagement


307 - 314

The Influence of WeChat Marketing on The Purchase Intention of Millennial Consumers - The Mediating Role of Customer Trust

Yongji Wei

315 - 324

Strategies For Selecting a New Warehouse Location by The AHP Method, A Case Study of ABC Company

Nattapong Jantachalobon

325 - 332

The Study of Water Supply and The Impact of Water on The Tourism in The Upper Part of Northeastern Region, Thailand for The Next Decade

Noppadol Dharawanij and Suvimol Konwai

333 - 342

Financial Literacy of Undergraduate Students: A Priori Survey for Curriculum Design

Chuleekorn Nuansonsri, Verisara Thairut, Nonthachai Mangmee, and Pichit Boonkrong

343 - 352

Interpolation And Correlation Between Inflation and Financial Variables: New Evidence from Thailand

Pichit Boonkrong, Ploychompoo Ak-kosol, Pattarunya Sirisakwattana, and Chuleekorn Nuansonsri

353 - 362

Ngor-Khaki-The Potential of Phuket New Architectural Identity?

Atchariya khianwong, Jittinat Wutthipracharat, Nuttida Karaked, Benyapa thupmahattakun, Minta Martpol, Ketsuda Soithong, and Thanunchai Limpakom

363 - 374

The Identities of Paka Kyaw Vernacular Houses: A Case Study of Ban Mae Klang Luang Community, Chom Thong District, Chiang Mai Province

Sasikan - Srisopon

375 - 384

Feasibility Study of Real Estate Development Projects A Case Study of a Housing Development Project in Krabi Province

Paikarn Raksasutiphan, Malika Jongsiri, and Saijai lorpensri

385 - 395

Feasibility Study of Adopting Passive Energy Saving Concepts in The Design of Modern Building Supply Stores

Paikarn Raksasutiphan, Eka Charoensilpa, Saijai lorpensri, Malika Jonsiri, and Nopparut Kaewpoo

396 - 406

The Impact of Social Media Influencers on Vietnamese Consumers’ Purchase Intention in The Post-Period of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Hau Le and Phuong Mai Nguyen

407 - 420

Digital Media Users’ News Exposure, Knowledge, Understanding, Empathy and Willingness to Support Stateless Children in Thailand

Chawaporn Dhamanitayakul and Narakorn Amornchat

421 - 429

A Comparison of Smartphone Usage Competency of Elderly People at Lomkao District, Phetchabun Province, Thailand

Worapath Kratoo and Nuchanad Hounnaklang