RSU International Research Conference 2021 on Social Science and Humanity, Education, Management, and Arts

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Fostering Connections: Solutions for Bridging Gaps in Modern Digital Families

Yifei Zan, Pakorn Prohmvitak, and David Marc Schafer


Fortune Factor: Redefining Fortune-telling in Urban Society

Korrakot Trakulsuksawasd, Paijit Ingsiriwat , and Teeranop Wangsillapakun


Redevelop and create new value for second-hand clothing

Xu Wang, Pisprapai Sarasalin, and Teeranop Wangsillapakun


Developing Desired Outcomes of Education (DOE) Indicators for Chandrakasem Rajabhat University Context Using Grounded Theory

Chonticha Tippratum, Suteera Phrueksasirikul, and Phaka Mundindaeng


The Concept of 21st Century Lecturer Competencies in Higher Educational Institutions in Thailand

Arunya Pisitkasem, Sasitorn Kanchanasuvarna, Somkid Promjui, and Bhassakorn Chanpayom


The Study of the Cultural Communication Networks of Chinese Confucius Institutes through the Mode of Strategic Stakeholder Engagement

Xiaoyi Zou and Zheng Wang


Do Dairy Cooperatives perform their Own Business with the Technical Efficiency? : The Evidence from Dairy Cooperatives in Nakhon Ratchasima Province Area, Thailand.

Anucha Wittayakorn-Puripunpinyoo


Translation Strategies in In-game Texts of The Sims 2 from English to Thai

Atittaya Toedtoontrakool and Watthana Suksiripakonchai


Semantic Classes and Syntactic Orders of Adverbial Clauses in a British Cookbook

Abhinan Wongkittiporn


Figurative Language Used by an American Singer: A Case Study of Lauv’s Songs

Chayanit Jitmart and Abhinan Wongkittiporn


Figures of Speech in Best Actresses’ Acceptance Speeches in the Golden Globes Award

Vorapon Mahakaew, Booskorn Vijchulata, and Kannikar Chomaitong


A Study of Second-Year English Major Students’ Interests, Strategies, Attitudes, and Grammatical Errors towards Their Writing Skills

Vorapon Mahakaew


English code-mixing and code-switching in the Thai reality television show “The Face Thailand Season 3”

Natnaree Songthada and Dr.Nakonthep Tipayasuparat


Designing the Web-Based Language Learning Using Game-Design Elements in an EFL Context

Vorapon Mahakaew


Figurative Language Found in Indie Songs

George Lewis Cannon


Teaching French as a Foreign Language at University in Thailand: From Needs Assessment to Curriculum Development.

Thanawit Kraiperm


A Study of the Impact of Socioeconomic Factors on English Language Learning Motivation Among Primary School Students in Thailand

Orawan Pudmon


The Aesthetic Implication of Rhetoric Art in Chinese TV Drama ——Take "The Dream Of Red Mansions", " Three Kingdoms", "Sansheng Sanshi pillow" as examples



The Effect of Reaction-Paper on Lecture Type Writing Course: Practical Report on a University Japanese course in Thailand

Akane TANO


English Code-Mixing in Luk Thung Pop Dance Songs

Pawarisorn Somsin


Use of Rhetorical Figure in Advertising for Search Engine Optimization: Meta Description on Tourism Company Websites

Nunthapath Thafu


The Effects of Social Media on University Student’s Daily Life and Motivation to Study

Benjamin Brasier, Ussanee Malisuwan, and Phunpiti Bhovichitra


Perception and Motivation of Selfies among Millennial Users

Naomi Rothwell and Amporn Puapradit


The Impact of Instagram Usage on Self-esteem among Young Adults in Thailand

Thanchanok Kamthoncharoenrung and Phunpiti Bhovichitra


Resiliency through Financial Management Information System Innovations in the Impact of the CoViD-19 Pandemic

Daniel Jonborgh Oliva Diaz and Ellenita Roxas Red


A Study of Hand-Woven Silk Supply Chain During the COVID 19 in Ban Khwao District Chaiyaphum Province

Niparat Boongun, Alongkorn Muangwai, Cherdchai Thuraphaeng, and Noppadol Amdee


A Study and An Analysis of Supply Chain of Canned Pineapple in Prachuab Kirikhan

Payungsak Klasantia, Alongkorn Muangwai, Noppadol Amdee, and Tongtang Tonglim


A Study of Supply Chain Management in Food Industry Export: A Case Study of a Crispy-Fried-Fish-Skin Company

Channarong Tantiwattanodom, Alongkorn Muangwai, Noppadol Amdee, and Chertchai Thurapaeng


A Study of Supply Chain and Product Quality of Salted-Jellyfish in Samut Songkhram under COVID-19 Situation

Pakorn Saenjit, Alongkorn Muangwai, Chertchai Thurapaeng, and Noppadol Amdee


The Study of Lemon Supply Chain: A Case Study of Pasutara Farm, Suan Phueng District, Ratchaburi

Darunee Watnakornbuncha, Alongkorn Muangwai, Noppadol Amdee, and Tongtang Tonglim


The Analysis of Health Care Behavior in Flight Operation, Case Study One of The Full Service Airline

Watsamon Santisiri, Boonyawat Aksornkitti, and Suway Janyapoon


Exploratory Factors in Aviation Voluntary Safety Reporting According to International Civil Aviation Organization

Supasuta Sharnprapai, Thanyarat Khamproh, and Apirada Namsang


Perception of Passengers on Long Haul Flights Toward Deep Vein Thrombosis

Sasithorn Nuammaneerat, Anusorn Phokankaew, and Kittiya Vimolpim


Aviation Weather Hazards in Thailand

Watana - Manon


The Study of Career Advancement for Female Technicians in The Aircraft Maintenance Field

Vongsa Laovoravit, Areerat Sensod, and Kongsak Chomchum


Factors Affecting Flight Delays of Aerodrome and Approach Control Services at Don Mueang International Airport

Amornteb Intasorn, Thanyarat Khamproh, Sathaporn Srisomwong, and Attapol Moungsawad


International Passengers' Experience Management towards the Digital Transformation of Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand

Peerapat Kaewjaidee, Kullada Wongmarn, Supasinee Maruen, and Phutthachon Anurak


A Study of Tourism Supply Chain of Ampawa Floating Market, Samut Songkhram Province Under the Circumstances of the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic

Jatuphat Chindasak, Thongtang Tonglim, Cherdchai Thuraphaeng, and Alongkorn Muangwai


A Study of The Supply Chain of Orchids for Export, A Case Study of Suan Phueng District, Ratchaburi Province

Nettawan Somnam, Noppadol Amdee, Thongtang Tonglim, and Alongkorn Muangwai


Development and Thinking of Red Tourism Resources in Colleges and Universities ——Take UNU Campus in Yunnan Normal University as a case

Zhen Wang and Xiaoyi Zou


A Comparative Study on Smart Mobility City Initiative in Thailand and Taiwan

Polwasit Lhakard


Media Bias in News Coverage of Hong Kong Protest: A Comparative Study of Online Newspapers with Different Political Orientations

Yimin Wang and Ratanasuda Punnahitanond


Women’s Participation in Politics and Peace Process of Myanmar

May Yi Myint and Nutthathirataa Withitwinyuchon


Research on Authorized Leadership, Psychological Empowerment and Employee Innovation Performance

Xinyu Liu


Empowering Women for Economic Development: The Case Study of Thai Fabrics Women Groups

Sirirat Tamrongterakul and Witchayanee Ocha


Conflicts in Land Management a Case Study of Thaksin University Phatthalung Campus

Nattakan Hedthong and Pattaramon Suwapan


Implementation of Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities (2006): A Case Study on Legal Capacity of Persons with Disabilities

Sattra - Keawphang and Thanakon - Komonwanit


Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic to a Financial Management Information System and Crisis Management

Gene Joseph Villalobos Garcia and Ellenita Roxas Red


Comparison of Forecasting Models for Banking Stock: Multiple Linear Regression and Artificial Neural Network

Pichit Boonkrong, Nithipa Arjrith, and Junwei Yang


Analysis of Trade and Technology Absorption in Thailand by using BVAR and MSBVAR model

Juthathip Phoosaran, Anuphak Saosaovaphak, and Chukiat Chaiboonsri


Commodity Channel Index for trading SET50 Index Futures.

Weerawat Liemmanee, Nisakorn Julraksa, Wongsakorn Charoenpanitseri, Hataichanok Wangvongcharoen, Nipaporn Panyayong, Nithipa Arjrith, and Puangrat Chanthaweeroaj


You Are My Life, A Song for Vocal and Rhythm Section

Sit Kesjamras and Tananya Thirapanyalert


Music Production Using Virtual Orchestra: A Case of The Lost Tales Symphony

Sit Kesjamras


The Analysis of One Summer’s Day Composed by Joe Hisaishi

Thaphad Sungwijit


The Blues Contexts

Jetnipith Sungwijit


Seek Loop for Small Jazz Ensemble

Jetnipith Sungwijit


Mimicry of Paul Hindemith’s Series in Ether-Cosmos No. VI

Wiboon Trakulhun


Architecture of the Jawa Mosque in Bangkok and It’s Javanese Style

Walaiporn Nakapan, Apiwat Pattanasirimongkol, Karapong Kannasoot, and Narupol Chaiyot


Canalside Healthy Community Area Prototype: Bang Mot Canal Case

Chadatan Petwichit and Kanjanee Budthimedhee


Guidelines of architectural conservation for ecotourism A case study of Sobkorn Tobacco Incubation Plant Chiang Klang District, Nan Province

Saijai Lorpensri, Mallika Jongsiri, Paikarn Raksasutiphan, Eka Charoensilpa, Anutcha Mongfarkklang, Charitar Tha-ua, Napatsorn Thitasiri, Natthanicha Parinyasart, Nusba Saudee, and Wanvisa Pookprajob


A Virtual Reality of Burmese Architecture from Mural in Western Style Vihara, Mon Pu Yak Temple, Lampang Province, Thailand

Parisut Lerdkachatarn


A New Experience for Passenger Flow at U-Tapao airport

Yachanon Vitchuroj and Thanatwass Wongtimarat


Space to emerge The Identity of Chiang Saen

Waritthi Daphong and Thanatwass Wongtimarat


A Visual Analysis of the Eclectic Shophouse Façades of Malaysia and Its Syncretism of Cultures

Fiona E Chiong Wong


Project for Wildlife and Ecosystem Learning Space Design Using Multimedia, Bangkok

Pradthana Trisaranaapiruk, Aamaal Phakdeetham Chimvilaisup, Monchai Bunyavipakul, Rangsit Jiempunya, and Kritaporn Lappimol


Architectural Design for Unintended-Pregnancy Counseling’s Space Using Therapeutic Design

Kanjana Lamkamol, Monchai Bunyavipakul, Aamaal Phakdeetham Chimvilaisup, Rangsit Jiempunya, and Kritaporn Lappimol


The Dissemination of Bao Gong Story through Present Thai’s New Oral Method During Year 2000-2020

Tattanit Tongdaeng


On the Cultural Factors and Teaching Methods of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language -- Taking New Practical Chinese Reader-2 as an example

Gao Feiyu Guo Yingdai


Research on the application of domestic animation film and television resources in the classroom of Chinese as a foreign language

Xu Ning


A Brief Analysis of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Live Teaching of Chinese International Education -- Take Rangsit University in Thailand as an example

Qi Wang


An Analysis of Confucius Institute's Cultural Activities and Courses in the USA Based on Database

Fangming Yuan and Yuqing Lin


International Marketing In The Analysis of Environmental Factors ——L'Oreal In China As An Example

Fudong Luo, Fengkun Wang, and Krittanai Jitpongampai


From A Touch of Zen to Catwoman: Comparison of Cross-Cultural Woman Warrior Imagery

Hsiu-yu Chang and Ying-Ying Chien


Development of The Integrated Guidance Activities Package on Smoking Behavior Changes of Lower-Secondary School Students.

Somsak sak Somsanoh


A Feasibility Study on Offering Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with Specialized Tracks in Mobile Application Development and Game Development

Maria Cristina Martinez Ramos


Freshmen View on the Marketing Strategies Effectiveness of one Higher Education Institution in the Philippines

Elisha Faith Relacion Galvez, John Karel Regala Cerrudo, Jeraldine De Torres Luna, Rachel Ann Santiago Rosaria, Sarah Lorreine Riel Sandoval, Noelah Mae Dimayuga Borbon, and Kristine La Rosa Mangundayao


Communicative Language Teaching and Competencies of LPU English Teachers: Basis for Training and Development Planning

Romana Celeste A. Mauhay


Technical Efficiency and Factors Influencing Technical Efficiency of Agricultural Cooperatives in Nonthaburi Province of Thailand

Anucha Wittayakorn-Puripunpinyoo


The usage of linguistic cues among online groomers in grooming their victims

Maswan Hizzly and Sharon Sharmini


The Influence of Instagram Macro-influencers as Opinion Leaders on Young Adults’ Purchase Decisions

Vun Huang Liew


Job Performance and Emotional Intelligence (EI) among University Administrative Personnel

Sevillia Suarez Felicen and Lucila M. Portugal


Time Management, Learning Motivation and Academic Performance of Dentistry Students

Niña Fatimah Dimayuga Borbon


Factor Analysis on Online Food Delivery in the New Normal

Alexis Malaluan Bagot, Jen Ysabelle Pasumbal Bagui, Ginell Joseph Ilagan De Roxas, Linette Hernandez Maalihan, Saira Marcellana Moro, Ma. Nicole Dimapasoc Pattalitan, Noelah Mae Dimayuga Borbon, and Kathleen Anonuevo Cueto


The influence of Google Score Ratings and Reviews on Vietnamese Consumers’ Online Hotel Booking Decision: A Case Study of Five-Star Hotels in Vietnam

Hau Le and Ratanasuda Punnahitanond


Work Related Factors Affecting Resort Employees: Input for Consideration to Accreditation Criteria

Jeninah Christia Borbon Pulhin and Noelah Mae Dimayuga Borbon


Examining Election Processes in Myanmar: A Comparative Study of the 2015 and 2020 General Elections

Hnin Set Win and Sasiphattra Siriwato


A Study on The Causes of Thailand's "Balance Diplomacy"

Anatchaya Changjaroen


Understanding of Information Operations and Economic Impact in Digital Era

Varin​ Pulpol​, Tanpat Kraiwanit, and Narong Petprasert


Emergence of Virtual Events During Covid19 Pandemic

Jolina Cruz Macatangay, Alliah Castillo, Mary Nickole Dayao Cortez, Glaiza Sofia Castillo Ilao, Trixia Milles Baldrias Malabanan, Noelah Mae Dimayuga Borbon, and Marivic Velasquez Ricafort


Key Factors of Malaysian Packaging Design: Durian - Flavoured Snacks

Yek Ming Liew and Hwee Ling Siek


Developing a Strategic Framework in Reducing Urban Heat Island Effect for Cooler High-density Communities: The Case of Sampaloc, Manila

Sheila Valencia Elardo


Transportation Method of Fresh Fruit to Local Markets

Sutee Teera-anupun, Paijit Ingsiriwat , and Teeranop Wangsillapakun


A moment of respite: finding opportunities to help the workforce recent and readjust the mood

Liu Qing, Pakorn Prohmvitak, and David Marc Schafer


Logical Thinking Tools for Better Communication In Young Children

Watanya Saetan, Paijit Ingsiriwat, and Teeranop Wangsillapakun


The Architecture Design for Stray dogs

Jakkapong Pharapai, Pakorn Prohmvitak, and Sridhar Ryalie


A Relationship with Nature: Systems and Methods for Better Integrating Greenery into Our Lives

Sikan Techakaruha, Paijit Ingsiriwat, and David Marc Schafer


Work / Space: Seeking Nature-Based Design Solutions for Well-being

Vorakorn Kanokpipat, Paijit Ingsiriwat, and David Marc Schafer


Perception of food: Effect of plating on appetite & enhanced experience of eating

Jiajia Ma, Pakorn Prohmvitak, and Sridhar Ryalie