RSU International Research Conference 2022 on Social Science and Humanities, Education, and Management

List of articles:

Page Number

Talent Management in Higher Education: A Critical *Literature* Review

Asma Shughail Al Hashimi

1 - 10

Multimodal Feedback: A Real Challenge in EFL Writing Pedagogy

Watcharee Kulprasit

11 - 17

An Assessment of the Digitalization at the College and University Level: An Input to The Strategic Performance Management Program (SPMP)

Franco Altamia Quodala and Rowena Gonzaga Dela Cruz

18 - 29

Analysis of the Impact of Seamless Blended Digital Learning (SBDL) Program of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Muntinlupa in the Philippines

Alain Juanico Anuevo, Christian Macaraig Bana, Alni Gavjaymin Bade Casacop, Ricky Chavez Dimaapi, Rowena Gonzaga Dela Cruz, and Maria Victoria Galicia Solatorio

30 - 41

The Exploratory Factor Analysis of Lifelong Learning in Disruptive Education for Teachers under the Secondary Educational Service Area Office, Southern Thailand

Phongrat Thammachat, Chawalt Kedthip, and Woralak Chookamnerd

42 - 49

The Progress and Challenges of Higher Education in Myanmar

Pann Ei Phyu and Sasiphattra Siriwato

50 - 64

Overall Preparedness of Higher Education Institution to Offer International Programs: An Evaluation

Ronel A. Villacruz, Eunice A. Detablan, Myla J. Medina, and Ellenita R. Red

65 - 71

Language Learning Strategies, E-Learning Self-Efficacy, and Academic Dishonesty Among International Students at Asia-Pacific International University

Roger Oconnor Valenzuela, Darrin Thomas, and Josephine Katenga

72 - 82

Students’ Attitudes toward Short Storytelling, Audiovisual Clips, and English Songs Methods Can Affect Academic Motivation in learning English among College Students in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei, China.

Meichun Zhou, Darrin Thomas, and Josephine Esther Katenga

83 - 94

A Correlational Study between Learning Strategy, Learning Anxiety, and Learning Motivation -- based on Chinese Junior High School English Learning

Ziyi Jiao and Amanda Simon

95 - 107

Semantic Interpretations of Existential there Constructions in an English Novel

Abhinan Wongkittiporn

108 - 119

SF and Sympoiesis Thinking in The Man with the Compound Eyes by Wu Ming-Yi

Pattarapong Kongwattana

120 - 127

Connecting Practical Theories and Practices of Teaching Grammar in CLT-English-Language Student-Teachers’ Practicum Experiences in Southernmost Thailand

Shenita Kaweian

128 - 140

Representations of the Armed Forces of Myanmar in News Headlines: A Case Study of Myanmar Coup d’état in 2021

Witsanuphong Suksakhon and Pawarisorn Somsin

141 - 148

A Study of Undergraduate Students’ Satisfaction towards a Flipped Classroom in Vietnam

Vorapon Mahakaew and Khang Duy Nguyen

149 - 156

Effects of a Flipped Classroom with Computer-Assisted Instruction to Enhance Basic Research Knowledge of Fourth-Year English Major Students, College of Liberal Arts, Rangsit University

Vorapon Mahakaew

157 - 162

Analysis of the Literature Review of the paper entitled “Public Library and Social Education” in China (1912-2021)

Haochang Li

163 - 170

An Analysis of Pragmatic Errors of Thai Students’ Chinese Verbal Communication: Take The Fourth-Year Students of Rangsit University as an Example

Wasan Supsiriphan

171 - 180

A brief analysis of the construction and design of Chinese camps under the epidemic situation in middle schools in Thailand----- A case studies of Prachin Kallayanee School

Natchaporn Dechrach and Kanchana Sirisitthimahachon

181 - 187

A Study of the Mobility of Distance of French Language Students: New Pedagogical and Strategic Devices within the Framework of International Cooperation in Asia-Pacific

Thanawit Kraiperm

188 - 202

Importance of Inventory Management Knowledge for New Entrepreneur: A Demonstration through Student Performance in Business Game

Varis Limlawan, Kunakorn Wiwattanakornwong, and Surachai Suantubtim

203 - 209

Understanding the Food Delivery Application Service Providers in Thailand during the COVID-19 Pandemic through the Aspects of Consumer Behaviours

Panchart Mitrakul

210 - 218

Entrepreneur’ s Strategic Crisis Management Capabilities in COVID-19 Pandemic: Study for Phenomenological

Chonticha Suphanalai

219 - 226

The Impact of Fashion Stores’ Content on The Instagram Platform Towards Consumer’s Engagement and Purchase Intention

Teerapat Ruangritkul and Phunpiti Bhovichitra

227 - 240

Potential Acceptance of Upcoming Thai Retail CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) in Thailand

Rattapol Kasemrat and Tanpat Kraiwanit

241 - 250

How do the influencing factors of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) on social networks affect Vietnamese Consumers' Purchase Intention?

Hau Le

251 - 269

Demand for COVID-19 Insurance

Chaiyan Pimsen and Tanpat Kraiwanit

270 - 277

User’s Attitude Toward the Impact of Facebook Advertising Mechanism

Rachata Vichitwongkun and Phunpiti Bhovichitra

278 - 285

Success Factors in Global Business Setting: An Entrepreneur’s Experience

Alma C. Dupagan, Rose Ann T. Salamera, and Ellenita R. Red

286 - 293

Effectiveness of Social Media Platforms as Marketing Tool in Global Selling

Marinela Pineda, Prince Danel M. Calo, and Ellenita R. Red

294 - 300

The Marketability of Offering Doctor of Medicine in University of the City of Muntinlupa, Philippines


301 - 309

Factors Influencing the Decision to Choose the Condominium Project near the Sky Train Station of the Non-registered Population in Bangkok

Marut Kludcharoen, Nattaya Prapaipanich, and Peera Tangtammaruk

310 - 318

Financial Performance of Selected Micro Small and Medium Enterprises: A Case Study of Indonesian Agro-Industry Businesses

Yuliana Debora Anggraini, Krissana Treesilvattanakul, and Adi Djoko Guritno

319 - 330

The Impact of Covid-19 on Consumer’s Behavior in Buying Lottery Tickets in Thailand

Naphat Khanutwong, Nattawut Sathaphorn, Tunnakorn Sermvilasakul, and Amporn Puapradit

331 - 338

Examining the Peace Process in Myanmar: A Case Study of Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) Related to the 2021 Military Coup

Abrahan - and Sasiphattra Siriwato

339 - 356

Legal Measures to Resolve Vote Buying in Election of Municipality Council Members and Mayor of the Municipality in Phatthalung Province Problems

Sattra Keawphang and Thanakon Komonwanit

357 - 360

The application of Thai language teaching as China’s soft power in Yunnan and Guangxi provinces under the Belt and Road Initiative

Xiongling Chen, Penpisut Sikakaew, and Xinrui Wang

361 - 368

Exploring Students’ Perspectives on Online Learning in English Class: A Case Study of Undergraduate Students from Asian Countries

Nazifah Hamidun


An Analysis of Student Performance through a Web-Based Intelligent Tutoring System in Automata

Christian Macaraig Bana


The New Normal research approaches of Global Environmental Governance in ASEAN

Mnenosyne Hilary Pavon Vinarao


Experiences of Displaced Populations during COVID 19

Elma Kaiser


The Importance of the Social Work Profession in the 21st Century

Justin Bucchio


The Impact of the COVID-19 on Health among Low-Income Workers in the United States

Eunsun Kwon