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RSU International Research Conference 2016

Comparison of the Antigingivitis and Antiplaque Effectiveness of Essential Oil Mouthwash and Chlorhexidine-containing Mouthwash: A Clinical Study

Papatpong Sirikururat and Papatpong Sirikururat


RSU International Research Conference 2016

Effects of Giant Water Bugs Scent on the Autonomic Nervous System

Yupa Tengwatanachoti, Winai Sayorwan, Jadsada Udompittayason, and Dyah A. Perwitasari


RSU International Research Conference 2020

Effect of Natural Oral Spray Products against Oral Bacteria and User Satisfaction in the Elderly Compared with Chlorhexidine Mouthwash

Chanon Suwanprapis, Thipawan Tharapiwattananon, and Anjalee Vacharaksa


RSU International Research Conference 2020

Antibacterial Activity of Essential Oil Extracted from Citrus maxima (Pomelo) against Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Apichai Sreepian, Ketsani Pasumee, Thitaree Patjakreng, Thanut Kuruwanaporn, Pimchanida Chinaau, Pruethipong Sampanporn, Kanyanan Kritsiriwuthinan, and Preeyaporn Sreepian


RSU International Research Conference 2020

Effect of Litsea cubeba Pers Essential Oil on Skin Hydration and Transepidermal Water Loss in Healthy Human Volunteers- A Preliminary Study

Chaiyasut Chaiyavat, Sirilun Sasithorn, Sivamaruthi Bhagavathi Sundaram, Khat-udomkiri Nuntawat, Jampatip Korawee, Klunklin Areewan, and Kunaviktikul Wipada


RSU International Research Conference 2022 on Science and Technology

Physicochemical Parameters and Chemical Compositions of Essential Oils from Marjoram and Sweet Basil Cultivated in Northern Thailand

Nanthaphong Khamthong, Krisana Pootakham, and Natwarin Krittiyapichartkul

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