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RSU International Research Conference 2019

The optical influence of resin cement shade and ceramic thickness on glass-ceramic systems

Prapatsorn Chongkavinit and Chuchai Anunmana


RSU International Research Conference 2020

Synthesis of Nanoscale Zero-Valent Iron from Weed Extracts and Their Application for Azo Dye Decolorization

Sothea Oum, Preecha Kasikamphaiboon, and Uraiwan Khunjan


RSU International Research Conference 2021 on Science and Technology

The test of chewing efficiency by the two-colored gum mixing ability and the ViewGum software

Chawisa Thangjittiporn, Solaphat Hemrungrojn, and Anjalee Vacharaksa


RSU International Research Conference 2021 on Science and Technology

Production and Characterization of Fermented Rice Flour from Mali Nil Surin Rice Variety and Effect of Partial Substitution of Fermented Rice Flour on The Rice Noodle Qualities

Piranit Loblom, Teeraporn Kongbangkerd, Sugeewan Detyotin, and Sasivimon Chittrakorn


RSU International Research Conference 2023 on Social Science and Humanities, Education, and Management

The Microfluidic System for Studying the Mixing of Pigment Color by Using a Smartphone

Hataiwat Palasak, Chaninun Pruekpramool, and Puenisara Limnonthakul

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