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RSU International Research Conference 2018

Effects of social Network and cyberbullying on mental health in young adults in Thailand

Chutikarn Saengmas, Kulabutr Komenkul, and Amporn Puapradit


RSU International Research Conference 2018

Factors Influencing Chinese Student Not Want to Speak English: A Case Study of Rangsit University Student, Rangsit University, International College

Shiming Wang, Boonsri cheevakumjo, and Yunlin Yang


RSU International Research Conference 2019

English Speaking Anxiety Among Undergraduate Students at Rangsit University

Kanokwan Pornthanomwong, Nakonthep Tipyasuprat, and Narissa Kanokwattanameta


RSU International Research Conference 2020

Effect of Music Therapy in Anxiety Reduction for Local Anesthesia Injection by Dental Students

Thachaya Satavuthi, Laddawun Sununliganon, Kanjira Kanpittaya, Supisara Kuypunlert, Chondarong Chaiyawong, and Nuchakarn Sawasdichai


RSU International Research Conference 2021 on Social Science and Humanity, Education, Management, and Arts

Perception and Motivation of Selfies among Millennial Users

Naomi Rothwell and Amporn Puapradit


RSU International Research Conference 2022 on Social Science and Humanities, Education, and Management

A Correlational Study between Learning Strategy, Learning Anxiety, and Learning Motivation -- based on Chinese Junior High School English Learning

Ziyi Jiao and Amanda Simon

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