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RSU International Research Conference 2019

A Study of Factors Motivating Vietnamese High school Students to Read Harry Potter

Nguyen L. N. Anh, Thai C. Dan, Nguyen S. Tuyen, Nguyen L. T. Kha, Le T. T. Tran, Le M. Hieu, and Nguyen T. T. Ai


RSU International Research Conference 2019

The Study of EFL Students’ Participation into Evaluation and Use of the Course book for the General English Course: A Case at a Vietnamese University

Duong T. Bao, Thai C. Dan, Dao M. Trung, Phan T. M. Tham, Nguyen T. T. Ai, Cao M. Ky, and Nguyen T. M. Tuyen


RSU International Research Conference 2019

EFL Student-Teachers’ Perceptions and Practices of Intercultural Communication Competence in High school English Language Teaching: A Case in a university in Vietnam

Thieu Q. Minh, Thai C. Dan, Thai P. B. Han, Ho T. T. Hang, Pham H. Yen, Phu T. H.Chau, and Nguyen V. Tai