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RSU International Research Conference 2018

Experimental Study of Flow Behavior in Rotating Fluidized Bed Reactor using Polyethylene Particles

Patsorn Saikam, Pattaraporn Posoknistakul, and Pornchai Bumroongsri


RSU International Research Conference 2019

Hydrodynamic Characteristics in a Binary Solid-Liquid Fluidization System

Sudipta Let, Sourav Habib Halder, Ranjan Kumar Basu, Sudip Kumar Das, and


RSU International Research Conference 2019

Prediction of Two-phase Pressure Drop for Air-water Flow through U-bends using the Artificial Neural Network (ANN)

Sudip K. Das and


RSU International Research Conference 2021 on Science and Technology

Experimental Study of Heat Transfer Improvement and Friction Loss of Nano Fluid Suspension Flow In Circular Pipe Heat Exchanger

Waqar Ahmed, Salim Newaz Kazi, Shahid Mehmood, Muhammad Shakeel Ahmed, H. Fayaz, M.A Mujtaba, Manzoor Elahi M Soudagar, and Sandru A/L Ramadas