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RSU International Research Conference 2018

Pharmacophore Screening and Docking Studies of Glutamate Receptor with Some CNS Acting Phytocompounds from Selected Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants

Preenon Bagchi, Ajit Kar, and Anuradha M


RSU International Research Conference 2020

Blind Docking Study of Compound D and Dimethoxyphenylbutadiene (DMPBD) Against Cyclooxygenase-2

Prasan Tangyuenyongwatana and Maneerat Sombutaree


RSU International Research Conference 2023 on Science and Technology

The Study of Box Size Effect on Shape-Based Docking of Anti-Tyrosinase Compounds with Arguslab 4.0.1 Program.

Prasan Tangyuenyongwatana, Pavinee Sengsunt, Sanhajutha Puangmala, Napa Boonma, and Wandee Gritsanapan

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