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RSU International Research Conference 2019

The optical influence of resin cement shade and ceramic thickness on glass-ceramic systems

Prapatsorn Chongkavinit and Chuchai Anunmana


RSU International Research Conference 2020

Effect of Exposure Time and Distance of The Light Curing Unit on The Modulus of Elasticity of Dual Cure Resin Cements

Kunchariya Surachai, Muhammad Hayeewaeming, Phakapohn Paopan, Supagorn Sungyimpun, Thitinan Tiamticumpron, and Daranee Chaimanakarn


RSU International Research Conference 2022 on Science and Technology

A Comparison of Shear Bond Strength between Different Type of Resin Cements with Additional Universal Adhesives on Human Dentin

Phatcha Maiwatana, Pravej Serichetaphongse, and Wareeratn Chengprapakorn

108 - 117