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RSU International Research Conference 2018

Effects of social Network and cyberbullying on mental health in young adults in Thailand

Chutikarn Saengmas, Kulabutr Komenkul, and Amporn Puapradit


RSU International Research Conference 2020

The Effects of Acute Fluoxetine treatment on Hippocampal Spectral Power Density

Ibrahim Abbas Atiyah, Repeepan Kongnual, Ekkasit Kumarnsit, and Dania Cheaha


RSU International Research Conference 2021 on Social Science and Humanity, Education, Management, and Arts

Perception and Motivation of Selfies among Millennial Users

Naomi Rothwell and Amporn Puapradit


RSU International Research Conference 2023 on Science and Technology

Prevalence Of Depression and Associated Factors Among Patients with Moderate to Severe Visual Impairment and Blindness During COVID-19 Pandemic

Pankaew Tantirattanakulchai, Nuchanad Hounnaklang, Pear Ferreira Pongsachareonnont, and Bharkbhum Khambhiphant