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RSU International Research Conference 2020

Vertical root fracture detection performance: Hybrid CBCT VS CBCT

Nantida Rueangweerayut, Vannaporn Chuenchompoonut, Onanong Chai-u-dom Silkosessak, and Chootima Ratisoontorn


RSU International Research Conference 2021 on Science and Technology

Palatal mucosal thickness variation in maxillary first premolar in a group of Thai measured from CBCT image

Chakchalat Klaywong, Danainan Ousakulwattana, Tassanee Naruepai, Jirayu Keadtisuke, Papatpong Sirikururat, and Piyanuch Karnasuta


RSU International Research Conference 2023 on Science and Technology

Comparison Of Accuracy Of Maxillary Arch Position To Condyle Between Conventional Facebow Method And Digital Positioning Method By Superimposing With Cbct Images

Thanatcha Sukanjanapong, Pravej Serichetaphongse, and Wareeratn Chengprapakorn

310 - 317