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RSU International Research Conference 2018

Natural Architecture Project: Bamboo Modular Coordinated with Systematic Structure

Monchai Bunyavipakul, Chalie Krairiksh, and Aamaal Phakdeetham Chimvilaisup


RSU International Research Conference 2019

ENO Method: A Method for an Innovation Creation in an Architectural Design Studio

Monchai Bunyavipakul


RSU International Research Conference 2020

Development of Lungworn Garden Project by Planning Adjusts Business Plans and Vernacular Architecture to Increase Project Revenue

Monchai Bunyavipakul, Sutina Changkwien, Watcharaporn Emrat, Wiyada potat, Phuripat Duangthongpool, Ploynatcha Pananwattanasiri, and Sirimon Ruensuk