The 8th RSU International Research Conference 2023 @RANGSIT UNIVERSITY, THAILAND
The 8th RSU International Research Conference on Sciences and Technology 2023 (RSUSCI-2023)
 The 8th RSU International Research Conference on Social Sciences, Humanities, Education, Management and Arts 2023 (RSUSOC-2023)
Friday, 28 April 2023 (9.00 am. - 4.30 pm.)
THEME  ​"Leading Research and Innovation for Opportunity and Readiness after the Pandemic"
 Date, Time, and Venue
(ONSITE) Friday, 28 April 2023 from 9.00 am. - 16.30 pm. at the Ganesha Building or Student Center (Building 6), Rangsit University, Pathum Thani, THAILAND.
 Early Bird Registration
Normal Registration
 Presenter Submission 
NOW - 31 January 2023
8  March 2023
 Participant Registration
NOW - 30 March 2023
Registration Fee for Presenters
Early Bird Payment rate
Normal Payment rate
 Presenter affiliated in Thailand 
6,000 THB
6,500 THB
 Presenter affiliated outside Thailand
160 USD
180 USD
 The staff of Rangsit university
(Registration before 8 March 2023)
Registration Fee for Participants 
Normal Registration
NOW - 30 March 2023
Participants in Thailand
1,000 THB
Participants outside Thailand
30 USD
 The staff of Rangsit university
(Registration before 8 March 2023)
Payment cover items below; (for Presenters who paid only)
  1. Reviewer payment (Double blinds)
  2. English Proof Reading  
  3. Break and Lunch
  4. Certificate (e-certificate)
  5. Permanent Open Access Publication
  6. Souvenir
NOTE: All Items reserved for the presenter who paid for the conference (Not available for the sponsored presenters)
Timeline of manuscript processing
The manuscript/Abstract must be original and never be published elsewhere.
Turnitin checking by the conference
(2-3 days)
Four weeks reviewing process after the first payment
The preliminary evaluation by the editor-team (pass to review, reformat, reject)
1 week
Email via the corresponding author
1st Payment if pass the preliminary evaluation (3,000 THB / 80USD)
Then, the submitted papers will be double peer-reviewed. (Notification by email)
(a) Completely accepted
(b) Accept with minor revision
(c) Major revision with re-evaluation by the reviewer
(d) Reject
2 - 3 weeks
 2nd Payment (3,000 THB (80 USD) for the early rate or 3,500 THB (100 USD) for the normal rate) for the manuscript with (a) and (b)
The revised paper is uploaded to the author's account
With due-date
Checking and formatting the citation and reference format
The acceptance letter is delivered via the author's account
2 weeks
English grammar proof-reading is provided by the conference
2 weeks
Choices of Publication 
  • Proceedings 
    • ​Full Research paper (Original paper which never presents or published elsewhere)
    • Abstract 
In case your paper has qualified for these journal's requirements, we will contact you to inform you and give more detail about it.
  • RSU Conference on Science, and Technology 2023
  • RSU Conference on Social Science, Humanity, Education, and Management and Arts 2023
Choices of Presentation 
  • Oral Presentation (onsite) at Rangsit University, Thailand (the 2nd and the 3rd Floors of the Student Center building) (Program with the link will be announced at the beginning of April)
***(No poster Presentation is available for these conferences)
The manuscript must be in Full Paper and saved in Microsoft Word (>version 2010) and PDF.

Please follow the instructions and examples of manuscript preparation and download the template here
Guide for Author
Download Template (Choose yours)
Registration and submission
Participant Registration