April 30, 2021 (9.00 am - 3.30 pm)




1) Members of the parallel session

  1. Chairpersons The chairpersons are mostly invited from professional reviewers. 
  2. Professional Lecturers Some professionals are invited to join the session.
  3. Moderator MC hosts all participants in Zoom and Moderator organizes all activities in the session.
  4. Assistant for moderator MC Assistant supports the MC in the registration process (Chairpersons, Profesional Lecturers, and Presenters).
  5. Presenters There are 10-15 presenters in a session.
  6. Attendants All sessions are open for everyone. No password is required and free of charge.

2) Information required before the Conference day (Sent by email or download from the RSU conference website)

  1. The session number with a link to Zoom (email)
  2. The schedule of your presentation
  3. PowerPoint of your presentation (There is a backup of your PowerPoint presentation if you upload it to your account before the deadline)
  4. Please prepare your laptop or desktop computer with camera and microphone (The camera must be turned on during the presentation)

3) Conference day (April 30, 2021)

  1. Please set up your Zoom account using your full name (to ease up the registration process)
  2. Please complete your registration in your parallel session from 08:45-09:15 am via Zoom. Please turn on your camera to verify yourself to the Moderator (MC). In case of any problem, please contact your MC by phone call (See Table below with Links to Zoom)
  3. It is a great pleasure to invite you to the online opening ceremony and plenary lecture from 09:00 – 10:00 am at
  4. To switch between sessions, please leave one session before accessing another

Open Remark & Plenary lecture  (

09:00 – 09:20 am Opening Speech Asst. Prof. Dr. Nares Pantaratorn Vice President for Research
09:20 – 10:00 am Plenary lecture 
“New Normal for Ganja Research after COVID-19”
Asst. Prof. Dr. Surang Leelawat Director of Ganja Research Institute

4) Parallel Session Instruction

            MC manages all activities in Zoom including mute other attendants’ microphones in the meeting room to avoid unrelated sounds. The microphone will be allowed only for the presenters or questions (one at a time).


  1. Moderator begins the session by introducing each chairperson and invited the professor (if any) one by one. The chairperson(s) should turn on the camera and greet the audience using the microphone.  
  2. The moderator starts the presentation by inviting the first chairperson and switching the microphone to the first chairperson.
  3. The chairperson introduces the presenter by announcing the presenter's name, affiliation, and title of the presentation.
  4. The presenter will be allowed to control the screen and run their presentation in 12-15 minutes. (Time is controlled by the MC)
  5. Once the presentation is finished, the chairperson requests questions from the audience. There are 3 minutes for live Q&A. The chairperson may give suggestions or questions if there is no question from the audience. 
  6. The chairperson(s) announces the completion of the presentation by applauding.
  7. The MC calls the next presenter and repeats the same process until the last presenter finish.
  8. The MC ends the session.

5) Certificate and Publication

  1. Certificate for your presentation will be available for assessment by May 4, 2021, via your account.
  2. The published proceeding can be downloaded by May 10, 2021, at
    (Cover, Contents, and List of Scientific Committee are also available).
  3. If your paper is selected for the Journals, please contact the editor-in-chief for the status of your publication.



OPEN CEREMONY & Plenary lecture 9.00-10.00 am



Parallel Session 10.00 am – 3.00 pm 



G1-1 Pharmaceutical & Herb



G1-2 Medical Science



G2-1 Dentistry Room 1



G2-2 Dentistry Room 2



G2-3 Dentistry Room 3



G4 Biomedical Engineering & Physical Therapy



G5-1 Bioscience/ Biochemistry



G5-2 Life Science&Applied Science (Animal Science)



G5-3 Engineer and Technology



G1 Education/ Learning Management



G2 Liberal Arts



G3-1 Management



G3-2 Hospitality And Tourism Management



G4 Social And Humanity



G6 Arts And Architecture



G7 Chinese Study




Guide for Authors
1. Authors must choose the matching events between;       Two Conferences will be hosted at Rangsit University
  • RSU international conference on Science and Technology (RSUSCI-2021)  Click for detail
  • RSU international conference on Social Science and Humanities, Education, Management and Arts  (RSUSOC-2021)  Click for detail
2. Select for Type of Presentation (The submission process require your decision)
      Choices of Presentation
  • Onsite Presentation at 2nd Floor the Student Center Building (Schedule will be announced at the beginning of April 2021)
  • Virtual online Presentation via Zoom application (Program with the link will be announced at the beginning of April)
    (์No Poster Presentation is available) 
3. Download TEMPLATE of the conference and study details for drafting the manuscript.
4. Preparation of the manuscript with good practices and ethical consideration. 
5. Submission Process 
  • Registration at the "Login for Presenter" menu. (Automatic mail response for confirmation is included) 
  • Submission your manuscript by fill the required details on steps
  • Automatic email prompts the success of submission
  • Status at the account shows "waiting" (Waiting for format checking and preliminary checking)
  • Respond from staff via email asking for format correction (if any) - REsearcher upload the revised version via researcher's account at "UPLOAD OTHER RELATED DOCUMENTS"
  • Review Process  (Account status change to " In-Process")
  • Respond to the evaluation result by email (4 types 1) Rejected 2) Major revision before re-evaluation 3) Accepted with Minor revision 4) Completely Accepted) 
  • The Researcher uploads the revision version as reviewers' comments via "UPLOAD OTHER RELATED DOCUMENTS MENU" at the researcher account. 
  • An email asking for payment (if your manuscript is completely accepted)
  • The acceptance letter is launched after the bank transfer transaction is declared
  •  Draft of Camera-Ready is uploaded to the researcher account
  •  Process of English Proof-reading
  • The final Camera-ready version is uploaded to the researcher's account asking for a final re-check from the researcher. (Extra payment* may be included if more changes are requested by researchers (1000 Baht each point))
  • Page numbers are inserted and it is ready for downloading through the proceeding menu (
The Time-line for RSUSCI-2021 and RSUSOC-2021 process:


Step A

Deadline for full manuscript submissions

Now - February 28th, 2021

Step B

Notifications of formatting correction (if any)

1 week after step A

step C

Notifications of the review process (4 patterns; Rejected/Major revision before re-evaluated/Accepted with minor revision/ completely accepted)   

4 weeks after step B

step D

Upload / approve the English-Proof reading version to researcher account

1-2 weeks after step C


Upload final published proceeding paper

May 15, 2021

The opportunity of publication:

All accepted papers will be published in the Proceedings of RSU Research Conference.
(Optional) Some selected papers will be selected to resubmit in one of the listed journals.

 RSU Conference on Science and Technology (RSUSCI-2021)

 RSU Conference on Social Science and Humanity, Education, Management and Arts (RSUSOC-2021)

Proceedings of RSU Research Conference

Proceedings of RSU Research Conference

Interprofessional Journal of Health Sciences (TCI 2)

Rangsit Journal of Social Science and Humanities (TCI2)

The Journal of Current Science and Technology (JCST). (Scopus indexed since June 2020)

Rangsit Journal of Educational Studies (TCI2)

GUIDE of presentations @conference day
Choices of Presentation
  • Onsite Presentation at 2nd Floor the Student Center Building (Schedule will be announced at the beginning of April 2021)
  • Virtual online Presentation via Zoom application (Program with the link will be announced at the beginning of April)
***(No poster Presentation is available for these conferences)
Researchers can present a total of 15 minutes. 12 minutes for presenting and 3 minutes for questioning
PS. The presentation is created by Microsoft Office PowerPoint.
For more information, please contact
Research Institute, Rangsit University, 52/347 Phahonyothin Rd, Tambon Lak Hok,
Amphoe Muang, Pathum Thani Province 12000, Thailand  (Building 1, 5th Floor, Room 505)
          International Conference |
Contact:             Research Institute
Call:                   +662-791 to 5686–5691 
Fax:                   +662-791 to 5704 

Please follow the instructions and examples of manuscript preparation and download the template here.
Guide for Author Download Template
(Choose your interests)


Registration and submission Participant Registration