The 9th RSU International Research Conference (RSUCON-2024) @RANGSIT UNIVERSITY, THAILAND
THEME: "Leading Research and Innovation After Disruption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology"
The 9th RSU International Research Conference on Sciences and Technology (RSUSCI-2024)
The 9th RSU International Research Conference on Social Sciences, Humanities, Education, Management and Arts (RSUSOC-2024)
 ▶ Conference DAY: APRIL 26, 2024 ◀  (8.30 a.m. - 4.30 p.m.)
The RSU International Research Conference is an international academic conference and an academic forum for presenting research results exchanging knowledge and experience between academics and promoting the creation of international research networks. 
  1. To be an academic platform for disseminating research and creative works internationally. It is a preparation for the ASEAN Economic Community in various branches of medicine, physical science, health sciences, engineering, technology, humanities, social sciences, and teaching development.
  2. To encourage faculty, staff, and the general public both Thais and foreigners to realize the importance of research and creative work. Also, to exchange learning experiences as well as opinions on research development. This will result in more efficient research.
  3. To collect research articles and academic articles in the form of papers for international publication.
  4. To create a network for research development and creative work between researchers, educational institutions as well as government and private sector agencies both domestically and internationally.
In this year 2024, Rangsit University (Thailand) will hold the conference with Two parallel conferences: 1) RSUSCI-2024 and 2) RSUSOC-2024 on Friday, 26 April 2024 under
THEME "Leading Research and Innovation After Disruption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology"
Let’s join us, This event will be a place to discuss the new research approaches to Opportunities and Readiness after the Pandemic.

The goal of this RSU International Research Conference is to gather scholars from all over the world to present advances in the relevant fields and to foster an academic conducive to exchanging new routes for research approaches. This conference will also provide an ideal network to develop new collaborations and meet experts on the fundamentals, applications, and products of various fields.

Two tracks for submission are RSUSCI-2024 and RSUSOC-2024 ( See the scope of the parallel session below).
RSU Conference on
Science and Technology
Scope : 
  • Dental and Oral Medicine, Medicine, Optometry
  • Pharmacy, Alternative Medicine and Herbal, Medical Technology, Medical Science
  • Science, Food Technology, Agricultural Innovation, Biomedical Engineering and Engineering
  • Bamboo Material, Processing Innovation and Technology, Sustainability Structural and Construction, Environmental
RSU Conference on
Social Science and Humanity, Education, Management and Arts
Scope : 
  • Educational Research, Communication Arts, Art and Design, Performing Arts, Music, Architecture
  • Liberal Arts (Paper languages = English / French / Japanese),
    Chinese Study (Paper language = Chinese)
  • Business, Economic, Tourism and Aviation, Social Sciences and Humanities, Law, Criminal Justice, Political and Diplomacy
          Both conferences are for the presentation of novel research results including start-ups in the fields of Science and Technology (RSUSCI-2024),  Social Science, Humanities, Education, Management, and Arts (RSUSOC-2024). The conference will bring together leading researchers in the fields of medical science, scientists and engineers, architects, educators, sociologists, and Artists in the domain of interest in the world.  
         Each conference offers parallel sessions varieties of topics that serve as an academic platform to present their research findings and share their experiences or shoot some start-up ideas leading to a promotion of a strong collaboration within national and international research networks.
         We warmly welcome authors to submit their research-based papers to RSUSCI-2023 and RSUSOC-2023 to share their valuable experiences with professionals and network researchers around the world.

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