RSU National and International Conference 2017

Principles and Rationale

            One of all universities’ missions is to develop the quality of education through research and development in order to continually broaden knowledge and stimulate innovation that meet and serve the needs of society and the nation. Rangsit University strongly realizes the importance of research as a significant contribution to the creation of new bodies of knowledge, research and development, as well as the improvement of teaching and learning. By developing Rangsit University’s faculties and students, we aim to support the implementation of national strategies and develop research projects and knowledge advancement to achieve academic excellence in various disciplines. Furthermore, we encourage research publication to be nationally and internationally available. Rangsit University, in association with Prachachuen Research Network (PRN); Institute of Food Research and Product Development, Kasetsart University; Bangkok Innovation House (BIH), Thailand; Salus University, USA; University of Canterbury, New Zealand and International Pacific University, New Zealand will organize RSU National and International Research Conference 2017, entitled “The Post Twenty-First Century Disruptive Technology:  Economic, Social and Political Impacts”. This will be an academic platform for both Thai and foreign professionals to present their research findings and share their experience, which further leads to the promotion of a strong collaboration within national and international research networks.



1. To serve as a national and international academic platform to promote various fields of research publications from medical and health science, physical science, engineering and technology, architecture, arts and design, social science and humanities, research on teaching and learning development and institutional research

2. To restate and promote the importance of research and creative arts and to exchange experiences and opinions for further research development and progress among academics, university personnel and individuals from Thailand and overseas

3. To exhibit academic journals, research papers and creative arts nationally and internationally

4. To establish a research and creative arts network among researchers, educational institutions, and government and private sectors both in Thailand and overseas


Expected Outcome

1. To continually maximize the development of body of knowledge in medicine, physical sciences, health sciences, engineering and technology, architecture, arts and design, social sciences and humanities, research on teaching and learning development and institutional research

2. To establish a learning network leading to the expansion and development of knowledge beneficial to society and the country

3. To create and develop an academic and research collaboration network among academics and researchers in Thailand and overseas