1) Members of the parallel session

  1. Chairpersons The chairpersons are mostly invited from professional reviewers. 
  2. Professional Lecturers Some professionals are invited to join the session.
  3. Moderator MC hosts all participants in Zoom and Moderator organizes all activities in the session.
  4. Assistant for moderator MC Assistant supports the MC in the registration process (Chairpersons, Profesional Lecturers, and Presenters).
  5. Presenters There are 10-15 presenters in a session.
  6. Attendants All sessions are open for everyone. No password is required and free of charge.


2) Information required before the Conference day
(Sent by email or download from the RSU conference website)

1) The session number with a link to Zoom (email)

2) The schedule of your presentation

3) PowerPoint of your presentation (There is a backup of your PowerPoint presentation if you upload it to your account before the deadline)

4) Please prepare your laptop or desktop computer with camera and microphone (The camera must be turned on during the presentation).


3) Conference day (April 30, 2021)

  1. Please setup your Zoom account using your full name (to ease up the registration process).
  2. Please complete your registration in your parallel session from 08:45-09:15 am via Zoom. Please turn on your camera to verify yourself to the Moderator (MC).    
  3. It is a great pleasure to invite you to the online opening ceremony and plenary lecture from 09:00 – 10:00 am at
  4. To switch between sessions, please leave one session before accessing another.


Open Remark & Plenary lecture

09:00 – 09:20 am

Opening Speech

Asst. Prof. Dr. Nares Pantaratorn

Vice President for Research

09:20 – 10:00 am

Plenary lecture by
“New Normal for Ganja Research after COVID-19”

Asst. Prof. Dr. Surang Leelawat

Director of Ganja Research Institute


4) Parallel Session Instruction

            MC manages all activities in Zoom including mute other attendants’ microphone in the meeting room to avoid unrelated sound. The microphone will be allowed only for the presenters or questions (one at a time).


  1. Moderator begins the session by introducing each chairperson and invited professor (if any) one by one. The chairperson(s) should turn on the camera and greet the audience using the microphone.  
  2. The moderator starts the presentation by inviting the first chairperson and switching the microphone to the first chairperson.
  3. The chairperson introduces the presenter by announcing the presenter's name, affiliation, and title of the presentation.
  4. The presenter will be allowed to control the screen and run their presentation in 12-15 minutes. (Time is controlled by the MC)
  5. Once the presentation is finished, the chairperson requests questions from the audience. There are 3 minutes for live Q&A. The chairperson may give suggestions or questions if there is no question from the audience. 
  6. The chairperson(s) announces the completion of the presentation by applauding.
  7. The MC calls the next presenter and repeats the same process until the last presenter finish.
  8. The MC ends the session.

5) Certificate and Publication

  1. Certificate for your presentation will be available for assessment by May 1, 2021, via your account.
  2. The published proceeding can be downloaded by May 10, 2021, at
    (Cover, Contents, and List of Scientific Committee are also available).
  3. If your paper is selected for the Journals, please contact the editor-in-chief for the status of your publication.